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I do not believe this man should be hung out to dry,,,

By that I do not think he should be charged with a felony,,,
He had no intent to harm and wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

But if I read the article correctly his charge would be a misdemeanor,,,
And in his state a misdemeanor would not disqualify him from serving as a police officer.

If any one of us would have done the same thing,,,
We would be facing prosecution for that same misdemeanor charge.

If any of you are thinking he should get preferential treatment,,,
Simply because he is a police officer,,,
Shame on you I say!

He made a poor decision to waistband carry,,,
His poor decision facilitated the negligent discharge,,,
The man dropped his handgun and it went off in a public venue,,,
The fact that he is an experienced officer makes it even more negligent.

No matter how slightly, a person was injured,,,
He can stand up and say he is sincerely sorry all day long,,,
In his career how many times has he charged people who expressed sincere regret.

I won't try to make the old argument that police officers need to be held to a higher standard,,,
But I will make the argument that they need to be held to the same standard,,,
Again I say, if any of we citizens had the same misfortune,,,
We would be charged with no questions asked.

Either charge him or never charge any other citizen for the same occurrence.

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