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Originally Posted by Mleake
A fair number of people, just based on numbers who post here, seem to think Mexican carry, and unholstered pocket carry, are just fine.
I think you are conflating apples and oranges a bit. I haven't seen much support on this site for the idea that Mexican carrying a condition 1 "safe-action" style pistol with no manual safeties is a good idea. That isn't quite the same as sticking an uncocked Colt Peacemaker in your belt or a Condition 3 Glock.

It could be argued that a reasonable person might not see an obvious likelihood of harm from such practice. (IIRC, kraigwy pockets a snubby without a holster.)
Kraigwy carries a S&W 642 (a double action revolver) in his pocket with no holster. This differs with the practice being discussed here in two significant ways:

1. It is in his pocket, where it is unlikely to fall out/end up jiggling down his pants leg and trigger that reflexive grab move that caused the problem here (and in several other prominent past cases).

2. It has a long double action pull that is comparatively heavier, making it less likely that an object in the trigger guard would fire the revolver.

Personally, I am still not a fan of holsterless pocket carry; but what kraigwy describes doing and what this guy did are worlds apart in terms of safety and reasonableness.
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