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Will Lee
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Love the looks of that Will Lee.

Gotta a couple questions for ya!

What did you make the legs for your feeder out of ? Too, as far as refilling the barrel, how have you found it easiest to do and how much corn do you put in barrel when filling?

I've got a feeder mounted on the bottom of a 55gal. steel drum with removable top. Want to get it high enough in the air so deer can't knock feeder off and still be able to lower barrel via the cable/winch on ATV to refill.

Thanks in advance for the input.
Hey Shortwave, legs are 2" water pipe about 6.5 feet long. I'm 5' 8" tall and the timer is at eye level. Use an 8' ladder to fill the feeder. Stakes are driven into the ground next to each leg and securely fastened to prevent cows from knocking it over. This feeder holds 200 lbs. Hope this helps.
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