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ATW525, the "injury" was described as a welt.

The guy dropped a gun. That in itself isn't negligence. Question is whether WI law mandated the use of holsters or safeties. If yes, criminal charges might make sense. If no, then this should fall under accidents, with regard to criminal law.

That is not to say civil actions would be out of line.
Dropping a gun while at the range may not be negligence, although the range officer and the folks close to you may not agree. Dropping a weapon in a crowded mall is negligent by any standard. Carrying a weapon is a serious responsibility. When this sort of thing happens it makes the entire gun community look bad, and adds fuel to the fire of the anti-gun crowd.

A Milwaukee police sergeant whose gun went off inside Southridge Mall in Greendale on Nov. 2 was charged Thursday with endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon, a misdemeanor.
He was responsible for the unintentional discharge of a dangerous weapon in a shopping mall! Whether he is a cop, banker, or NFL player if that is not "endangering safety" what is? Whether anyone was injured or not is completely irrelevant in my opinion. Tell the woman with the welt it is no big deal...
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