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Modern, high pressure cowboy guns............

I've lately become enamoured of levergun/SA wheelgun combinations for the field.

I have a Marlin 1894 and Blackhawk in .357 and a Rossi '92 and Blackhawk in .45 Colt. I'm loading stout for the .45 but so far have been using factory in the .357 (about to change). The Blackhawks are both convertibles with 9mm/.45ACP spare cylinders and the Rossi is a factory "scout" configuration with forward mounted scope and cheekpiece (not sure how I feel about those yet.)

So far this season the only animal I've taken with one of my "cowboy" guns was this 9 pointer that fell victim to the 92. He poked his head out in the open at 60ish yards. Quartering away shot that entered about the third rib from the back on the near side and exited forward of his off side shoulder. He ran about 30 yds and left a heckuva blood trail.

I'm shooting a 260 gr. hardcast WFN .454 bullet at upwards of 1700 fps from the carbine and 1277 fps (chrony'd) from the handgun.
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