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There are many reasons to carry something other than a gun. The short list:

A walking stick, older guys have no problems with carrying one, is already in your hand, and if that elusive and mystical guy with a knife at 21 feet finds you, you can fend him off whilst drawing your gun.

You could have other things out like that walking stick or an OC canister when you see someone suspicious, and if it turns out to be a false alarm just put it back in your pocket, but a drawn gun can attract unwanted attention, and harder to return to the holster or pocket.

There are many smart reasons to carry additional protection, as a gun is last resort, and can get you deeper into a situation instead of out it in certain situations. It also depends on where you travel, etc...

Your best second weapon is expertise in hand to hand, but that takes time, so get on it! Martial arts teaches you things that directly apply to shooting, and that list is long ... must run!

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