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DPMS Oracle 5.56?

Alright, well I guess I've always wanted an AR-15, but never wanted to spend too much money. I seen this in the Cheaper Than Dirt catalog and got curious. I checked a few forums and had mixed results. Some people say that they are great, but that they wont hold up forever. Or that they will last for someone who doesnt shoot often. Some said that they are just total garbage and you'd be better off jumping up a couple hundred for a name brand rifle...

I was wondering if I should just get the Oracle for $600 or if I should truly invest the extra money? The thing is, I love to shoot, at least when I get the chance, so I dont think I'd qualify as one of those people who doesnt shoot often. A local place has the Colt Tactical Carbine for... about $928.00 total with tax, etc. Is it worth it? See, what I really want is a gun with lots of value. I want the perfect balance of price and quality. A gun that is on par with others, but are somewhat cheaper. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks a lot!
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