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Originally Posted by essohbe
I was talking about my county laws but you're also right on the Fed thing.

Your county is who you will need to square most everything away with.
Correct, as well as your local ATF field office, and state. essohbe, I wish you and every one else who wants to get their FFL the very best in everything. Please understand that not only locally, but also with each different ATF office, there can be a difference of opinion, like it or not.

You and others interested can either post a topic or send me a private msg to me and I will help you what I can. I will add to please be careful, and document things. Get everything you can in writing as well if you can. While my experience with the ATF has been good, it seems from reading on the internet other inspectors are ready, willing, and trying to set you up to fail. Hence why most people on all the different firearm forums say to avoid any contact with the ATF like the plague. All I have dealt with are ready and willing to help an FFL though if you are honest and trying to do the right thing. I have never had one to say "No, I cant help." Most will say to "do this or that" depending on the circumstance. It is up to you to work with them. In my experience they are more then willing to work the the FFL holders.

As far as the money aspect, I guess it depends on what you call money, your area, and your FFL saturation. Locally, there are 9 store front dealers, as well as multiple home based FFL's. There may be others I dont know about. The closest FFL dealer to me? The next street behind me, literally. Going through the woods, less then 100 yards away. My brother who has an FFL is 2 miles away, The closest store front FFL is 1 mile away. I pass a second one going to my brothers. Locally speaking, some FFL holders do transfers for free just to have transfers on the books and take the loss in time. As I said, I dont know where you are, but locally, its more of a hobby business, unless you have a range, pawnshop, etc, that helps to diversify your investment. They are at MOST, less then a 15 minute drive or so, if not way closer.

I hope that anyone who invest time and money in to seeking a FFL makes enough to instantly retire off of, just as they would like, but locally, it just isnt the case.

Edit to add: It more depends on your local area. I know here, I cant hardy walk a few steps without stumbling on a FFL, I have heard of other areas that have none within a reasonable drive. As with anything else you read on the internet, take things with a grain of salt.

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