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I had a 24/7 in .40. I put approx. 600 rounds through it. It was as dependable as a rock, I liked the ergos, looks, pricepoint, reliability and everything about it but the accuracy. It was strictly service grade accuracy. It's not often that I feel like my shooting measures up to the capabilities of the gun, much less exceeds them, but this Taurus was the exception. At 7 yards, where slow fire I can group offhand into 1 - 2" with my Sig 229, the 24/7 was at best a 3 - 4" shooter. I tried 6 different factory loads and some handloads and it didn't like any of them. Gave up, traded it in at a loss to get rid of it.

On the other hand, I have a Taurus PT709 in 9mm that I would put up against Kahr, Sig, or anybody else for accuracy, dependability, ergos, trigger pull, etc. and wouldn't consider selling it.

I had the PT709 first, so maybe my expectations were just too high for the 24/7, or maybe I had one that was at the extreme negative edge of the QC envelope. I hated to give up on it but with the cost of .40 ammo just had to cut my losses.
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