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Ihad a situation the other day that has since got me in the process of ccw and buying a handgun. Last Saturday morning I took my daughter with me to wash my truck. I was going to just run thru the auto side but it was broke. So I was washing it in one of the stalls and this older guy ( mid 60s) kept walking in front of the stall then behind it for several minutes. Walking by pretty fast for his age. I thought it was strange but didn't think to much about it. My time ran out and I had to get more quarters. I opened the door of my truck told her I'd be right back and walked around the corner. Then I thought I should have locked the truck. At the bill changer I could see the stall my truck was in. Sure enough he walked in it. I ran back to the truck and as I'm rounding the corner he's walking beside the drivers door. The speed he had been walking he should have been past the truck already unless he had stopped. I went to the drivers door and looked in and she was just staring out the passenger window so luckily never saw the old freak looking at her. I'm early 30s and work out 5 days a week so I'm pretty sure I could have bounced his old head off my trailer hitch pretty easily. That's what I reall wanted to do. Especially since he was standing at the back corner of the stall staring at the passenger side of my truck. But all I could think is what if he's got a gun. (10 years ago that thought probably wouldn't cross my mind.). So I decided to jump in the truck and leave. I hope I never get in another situation like this again. But if I do there will be some confrontation.
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