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for what i can gather it is a S&W 64 with number 41828 2 sg47 on the flip down part near the cylinder. on the butt of the gun the number D490XXX. can somebody help with maybe a year it was made and maybe what it is worth?

also on the barrel of the gun it has 38 s&w special ctg

The S&W model 64 is a stainless-steel version of the model 10, a fixed-sight service style revolver made on the K frame. It was introduced on Sept 1, 1970 at s/n D224001.

Originally it was made with either 4" light tapered barrel with square butt, or 2" barrel with round butt. Later a 3" barrel version and heavy-barrel 4" version were offered as well. In all its variations the model 64 was a very well made, high quality revolver.

Some were made in .357 Magnum for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and marked model 64-1, this version was then renamed the model 65. Both the 64 and 65 were very popular police sidearms in the '70s and '80s.

S/N D490XXX would date to 1972-1973, most likely early 1973.

Can't say your pawn shop estimate is wrong but it sure is a wide range. You might do a search at the gunsamerica, gunbroker and gunsinternational sites where you'll see photos and prices. That way you can see what asking prices are for revolvers in condition similar to yours.
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