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+1 to the SAP gloves. I have a fingerless set, and each glove has about ten ounces of steel shot in each. As far as I know, they are legal here in Colorado (as long as you're not directly instigating situations with them, which you shouldn't do regardless )

They're actually pretty unassuming, and the effect they give is pretty remarkable. When I bought them, I was like, "that was a waste of money. These are going to hurt my hands WORSE if I punch anything." wrong- the biggest benefit they have is they actually shield your hand against whatever you hit with them. I was throwing punches against things to where if I wasn't wearing them, I would have three or four broken fingers. Overall usefulness however, I think is slim to nil. If you have to punch anyone, I would rather do it without since wearing them looks like you were picking the fight, since you came "prepared" to do so. Well, they're kind of a fun novelty, being able to turn your hands into dead blow hammers. And technically it's open carry

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