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s&w mod 64

about 20 years ago i came across a pistol that was given to me. I know nothing about 38 specials, i have been trying to do some research and came across this sight.
the revolver has been collecting dust in the back of the safe and i was curious if yall could help me out. The pawn shop says this gun is worth 515.00 on the high end and as low as 100.00 on the low end.

for what i can gather it is a S&W 64 with number 41828 2 sg47 on the flip down part near the cylinder. on the butt of the gun the number D490XXX. can somebody help with maybe a year it was made and maybe what it is worth?

also on the barrel of the gun it has 38 s&w special ctg

thank you for you time in reading my post.

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