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Yes there are a lot of states that issue non-res permits. In fact in some cases it's easier for me to get a non-res permit in PA than it is for someone who lives in a state that issues.

The PA statute reads:

(e)(1) A license to carry a firearm shall be for the purpose of carrying a firearm concealed on or about one's person or in a vehicle and shall be issued if, after an investigation not to exceed 45 days, it appears that the applicant is an individual concerning whom no good cause exists to deny the license. A license shall not be issued to any of the following:
(ix) A resident of another state who does not possess a current license or permit or similar document to carry a firearm issued by that state if a license is provided for by the laws of that state, as published annually in the Federal Register by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the Department of the Treasury under 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(19) (relating to definitions).

So if you live in a state that issues, you have to have a CCW permit from that state.

The state that doesn't issue CCW permits of any kind to anyone, no way no how:


If you live in a state that issues without too much hassle then there is no advantage, but in some cases it is easier for me to get a PA CCW than it would be, for instance for someone who lives in CA and is being hassled and denied their CCW by their local anti-gun constabulary. I think NJ might be another example of how it would be easier for me to get a PA permit than someone in NJ.
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