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I drove over the road for a number of years. This placed me in many different jurisdictions and to many conflicting jurisdictions to carry a blackjack, pepper spray, stungun or other nonlethal device.

I carried a 24oz claw hammer. When stopped and asked, I explained that I used it to thump tires and block and brace loads. It came in very handy one night when I had to place it between the legs of a punk who wasn't as tough as he thought.

An ABC Fire Extinguisher is legal and nonthreatning. It is also extremely effective. It has a range of 20ft. Should deploy at 15ft.

When inhaled it causes the target to immediately start coughing, gaging and wretching.

In the eyes, it causes immediate tearing and burning. If untreated it will cause damage up to and including blindness.

Swung sharply it will break an arm.
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