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LOL OK My bad... 100 rounds with the service pistol/revolver, and 50 rounds with an off duty, or second gun. If an officer has no second gun he shoots that portion of the qualification with his service pistol.

I get my information from being there, and doing it for a few years.

If that I see that they upped the practice ammo from 50 to a hundred rounds. Thats a good thing.

There are a few more weapons in the inventory than mentioned here too.

And a few more indoor range locations. Well at least there was a couple of years ago.

The semi anual quals are done in two cycles. Indoor and outdoor. The indoor is not the official qual. However if an instructor see's an officer having difficulty he may have to shoot again.The outdoor qual is the score that will remain on your record.

AS far as the Rand report... While it appears to be thorough, I dont see it as having anything to do with reality. It's long winded repeats the same thing over and over, and makes suppositions based on ohhhh asking the wrong people the wrong questions? This isnt the first Rand study, and then there was the one by colombia university, and there was the LEAA study... This is nothing new. IMO trying to quantify something that changes all the time. IMO the most glaring example of innacuracy is the notion that Officers with 3.5 negative points on their records are more likely to discharge their firearms. That is true... But there is a perfectly good reason for this. ANY street cop would understand it.

Double Naught... I'm not disagreeing with you. In a perfect world all cops would be experts, all physicians would care about the paitents well being, all politicians would be honest... naaa thats taking it too far. I think all departments do the best they can with what they have. I believe the NYPD and all the departments that train there do an exemplary job of firearms training.

As I said the firearm is the least used tool the police officer has, and shooting the least used skill. But both have to work 100% when needed.

Speaking from experience. The training, and practice actually does prepare an officer for a gun fight. It works. The tactics work.
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