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WA concealed carry restrictions

Hi there,

I am a Seattle resident with an HK45C. I have a CPL and a Galco holster, but my gun is somewhat too large to be easily concealed (I'm a rather small person) so thusfar I almost never carry unless I'm going to/from the range. I just got a new job at a research institution downtown, and because it's downtown Seattle, there's nowhere to park, and we're expected to bus. Problem is, it's the north, and it's winter-- it'll be dark every evening I get on that bus, and that makes me *really* uncomfortable. So now I'd like to actually exercise my right to carry.

Only, it turns out that the place I've just gotten hired at has declared itself a "weapons free facility." (It is not a school or a courthouse or a jail or a mental hospital.) The company's policy is "uniformed officers only" and it's all weapons, not just firearms-- they tell me I don't even have the option of carrying a tazer. I know from personal experience that mace doesn't stop everyone, sometimes it just makes your attacker angrier. So my question is, is it in any way legal for an employer to tell its employees that they cannot lawfully carry a firearm onto the premises?
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