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I'm not sure where you get the qual course info from... But it's not quite so simple. It's not 50 rounds... it's 100.
Really, see because I don't know where you get your information from. I posted the link to where my information came from, but you failed to look at the link. It came from the 2008 New York City Police Department Firearm Training and Firearm Discharge Review Process document to which I provided the link. See pages 35 and 36.

This test is echoed here....

However, this site says we are both wrong and it is actually 150 rounds.

Yes few officers are terminated for failure to qualify.
Right, so your previous statement that their jobs depend on their ability to qualify really isn't a serious hurdle. It isn't like NYPD has some sort of particularly high standards for shooting prowess that really challenges the shooters. Pretty much everybody passes or is given multiple opportunities and additional retraining if they have trouble passing. And if your information is correct, then a passing grade of 70 is much less impressive. You would have to be a pretty serious screw up to fail to qualify.

Mostly the reason officers who fail to qualify are retrained, and given anither chance is mostly fudiciary.
I really don't care what the reasoning is for coddling along firearms inept officers by giving them multiple attempts to take the test and even to get additional training in order to make that bare minimal qualifying score. It is scary to think that those officers actually exist and may have to use lethal force when the time comes and unless they have recently gone through retraining recently, probably aren't going to be able to shoot to the bare minimun standards they had trouble attaining during non-life threatening qualifications.

Firearms may be amongst some of the least used tools that cops carry, as you have said, but the issue of firearms use isn't one of frequency, but necessity and the consequences that result from improper use.
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