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My 2 Cents

I do not own all or even most of these, but this would be what I consider to be the best for what I do with a 357 in the order I would pick them in.

27 in a 3.5" (Old Model) Like Elvis, this is Timeless, and the King of 357's
340 with 24/7 Tritium Front Sight, In my opinion the best J Frame CC revolver made to date.
327 Night Guard Great CC Gun with 8 shots in an Airweight N Frame
386 Night Guard Great CC Gun with 7 shots in an Airweight L Frame
66 in a 3"
WC GP100 3" Talo Special Edition
586/686 in a 3" or 2.5"
686 SSR 4"
65 Round Butt in a 3"
13 Round Butt in a 3"
SP101 3"

I Conceal Carry, and shoot my 38/357 revolvers in Defensive Pistol Matches. Thus I prefer the barrels to be on the shorter end of the scale.

If I were to need a longer Barrel 357 My list would be way shorter.

27 in 5", 6.5" or 8 3/8"
28 in a 6"
Ruger RedHawk
686 in either a 6" or 8 3/8"
GP100 6"

Just my 2 Cents

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