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OK.... So i'll try to respond one comment at a time.

The number of officers who use the 50 rounds available per month is probably somewhare around 20%. More officers should use the ammo. But again the firearm is tha least used tool of most cops. As we get more gen X and young inexperienced officers... This percentage will probably fall.

Yes few officers are terminated for failure to qualify. I believe that has more to do with the quality of the training and coaching. In fact very few officers fail to qualify on the first try. In 25 years I've seen it happen only three or four times. Only seen one female officer terminated for inability to carry a firearm. She was an academy student. As far as testing standards being low? I dont know about that. 100 rounds. 70% to qualify, 81% is a sharpshooter, 91% an marksman, 100 % an expert.

Mostly the reason officers who fail to qualify are retrained, and given anither chance is mostly fudiciary. These Officers are civil service. It cost a lot to train them, and a lot to fire one. As I said before the firearm is the least used piece of equipment, and the least used skill of the police. There is actually the time and space to do some remediation if need be.

I'm not sure where you get the qual course info from... But it's not quite so simple. It's not 50 rounds... it's 100. During a typical summer outdoor cycle an officer will shoot between four, and five hundred rounds on several ranges Including the use of cover, and shooting at moving targets. In addition there is force on force training, and role playing. There is review of the shooting's in the past year, and their results. Weapons are inspected, and repared if need be. Then there are lectures about shooting and guns, firearm retention, tactics and use of cover. Then each string must disasemble and clean their firearm before they can leave. It's a full day of gun's, gun's and more gun's. Not a lot for gun guy's.. but plenty for those who arent enthusiasts. As I was told at the range.. THis is not so much for a gun guy like myself, but force feeding for those who dont have the firearms intrests I do. For me and guys like me it was a day of fun and games... and FREE AMMO.

Before any officer is assigned to the range, or allowed to take possesion of a firearm they must take the "deadly phiysical force" test. Unlike the three chances to qualify. You only get one shot at this brass ring. And you MUST pass with a 100% score. One shot and you must get 100%. Or you loose your job, and get dismissed from the academy. More critical than knowing how to shoot is knowing when to shoot. If you cant get that part in the first try... no reason teaching them how to shoot.
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