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Pulled over while carrying

Guilty as charged. I was doing 56 in a 40. I thought it was still 50 however I was wrong. I do feel however that this went as well as it could have as far as me carrying was concerned. The situation went as follows.
Officer: Hello may i see your licence, registration, and insurance card

Me: Yessir so you know i carry for protection

Officer: Thanks for telling me where is it?

Me: Left hip sir

Officer: Ok nothing sudden leave your left hand on the wheel and use your right hand to go into the glove box.

I retrieved the insurance and reg and he actually cut me a break for being so cool about the ccw thing. When he returned he stated that it was smart not to supprise an officer with a firearm. I have seen discussions on weather to mention it or not. I have been pulled over while carrying twice here in VT and both officers appreciated being told.

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