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When you open carry except during hunting, the bad guy or guys have to be right only one time. Nobody is in condition yellow 100% of the time. While it may deter some inexperience criminals it will however inspire some seasoned criminals and situations like this may occur.

We make assumptions that most criminals are very stupid and I bet to differ because the criminal has the upper hand because his intensions are very clear and he has scouted his surrounding and has targeted his prey. By carrying open you have provided the criminal with some options and he has the upper hand again because he has nothing to lose but you do.

Concealment is the way to go because you want to provide the element of surprise should the need arises while maintaining vigilant at all times. Even our well trained and capable Navy Seals go into battle using the element of surprise. They do not advertise themselves to the enemy. Open carry tells the criminal I'm in your way of committing any criminal activity and it makes sense when they want to eliminate the obstacle i.e. you.
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