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Mike Irwin
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Aye, for God's sakes...

Had I thought about that for just a second, I'd have known that it wouldn't be possible.

I swear to God that when the VBulletin development team was planning this software they did their relationship planning by parking a bunch of drunken monkeys in a room with a bottle of tequila, a box of darts, and feature names on the walls.

Paint function names on the monkeys, and any dart they throw that sticks to the feature on the wall, well, that function and that feature are now interrelated.

If a monkey goes wild and shreds one or more of the features? Hell, we don't need those in the software!

And, actually, one or more monkeys dying at the hands (paws?) of their compatriots would handily explain the lack of some functions you'd expect to see in software like this...
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