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@ AK103K

I think there is no rationale!! That is the problem!! Similarly, I can't own hollow points, and have to keep weapons in a safe!! However, the last two may be up for review.
I can sort of imagine the "we can't reduce the risk of NDs with revolvers, but we can with Semis, so let's at least do that" logic that must have gone through some politico's head but from an SD point of view it is not so useful.

The trigger pull on DA/SAs is enough o reduce NDs IMO, so why they can't have a condition 1 ruling on DA/SA semis is a mystery...
If they did, I might have held out for a Sig, or bought that Jericho 941.


I live in Estonia, hence why you probably hadn't heard of that law.

@ no one in particular.

One pro point of view that I can think of:
People have said that having an empty chamber in a semi or revolver would cost you valuable time in an SD situation. However, if someone took your gun, that is exactly the valuable time afforded to you to try and retrieve it or run your socks off.
In fact probably more as you at least would know what needed to be done if you drew, the gun nabber would not.
You could even train to snap one off on a revolver as you drew having the first loaded cylinder by the time you had sights on. A bit risky, perhaps, in case you messed up your cylinder order, but possible.

People also say that SA is the key to keeping your gun, yet often people say that shootings occur with feet to spare, not yards!!

If SA isn't always good enough to spot an attack before it is upon you, then it isn't always good enough to spot when someone is going to take your gun before it is happening!
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
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