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S&W Model 19, Colt Trooper Mk III and the S&W N frames, are my favorites.

Probably the Model 19/66 is my all time favorite.

I've got two a 19-2 shipped in 1965 and a 4 screw 19 no dash shipped in 1959. I wish I could find a 1955 Combat Magnum with its black case, to go with my blue cased 1956 .44 Magnum.

S&W Model 19-2, shipped in 1965, with ivory magnas, the cartridges are handloaded 180 grain Nosler Partiton-HG.

S&W Model 19 no dash, shipped in 1959. I need to take a better pic of it, I took this one while I was still prepping and waxing it.. The pre-Lim surface cleaner still in the lettering makes them stand out though.
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