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Originally Posted by Nate45
There are many credible self defense systems. At the core of all of them is the idea that avoidance is your first line of defense. Civilians are under no obligation to enter into dangerous situations, or arrest or detain any individual. They also aren't required to OC.
It may be splitting hairs to some people, but Martial Arts and Self Defense systems are indeed different. Your other post mentioned Martial Arts, now you say Self Defense. Avoidance is always the key to self defense, but in Martial Arts you train to fight, defensively and offensively.

You're right, Civilians are under no obligation to enter dangerous situations, or detain anyone. As an armed guard one is really no more than a civilian agent of the property owner. So I have no real obligation, in most cases, to arrest anyone or enter a dangerous situation. The reason one carries is for defense, working a high end casino that could be robbed, I may need to use the gun to defend myself, but why enter a fire fight for money? The Casino likely has a lot of insurance, and will likely have them on camera.

So the reason I'd be carrying is for a higher paying job. Open carry for a higher paying job, is that a poor decision?

I'm not trying to start an argument, and I hope my words don't come across as such. I am really just looking for opinions. Aside from the Martial Arts, I know everything there.
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