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Originally Posted by BlackFeather
So, if I have my license to carry a firearm on duty as a security guard, I'm doing something stupid?

Nate45, what is a credible system?
I was referring to civilians, not LEOs, or others required to openly carry. You take a risk when you put on a uniform and a gun, thats part of the job.

However, be aware there's nothing preventing someone from launching a surprise attack on you, or anyone for that matter.

There are many credible self defense systems. At the core of all of them is the idea that avoidance is your first line of defense. Civilians are under no obligation to enter into dangerous situations, or arrest or detain any individual. They also aren't required to OC.

I have no idea what your duties and obligations as a security guard will entail. If you will be required to defend life and property with deadly force, you better know what you are doing. Weapon retention should be apart of that knowledge, as should situational awareness. When you are going home and stop at the quickie mart, an attempt to take your weapon could happen.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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