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Al Norris
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Mal, IIRC, we tried it that way a couple of years ago.

I don't quite remember who all was complaining, but it wasn't me. I liked the other way.

An example, I'm watching the House Justice Committee w/Holder and during the voting breaks, even though I haven't refreshed my browser, if I click on a link to the ATF F&F thread, I have to scroll backwords to view the posts that were made, while I was watching.

I would much prefer to click on the last viewed button and actually be taken to my last viewed post in a thread.

It is no real bother to click on the "Mark This Forum Read" from the Forum Tools drop down, when any forum gets more unread posts than I care to read.

Added Thought: Yes, it may take a few weeks for everyone to get acclimatized, but this happens whenever change is introduced, whether it is this option or an upgrade to the forum software itself.
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