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Widening FP hole?

Here's the issue. I have a 1911 that has no issues with any ammo I've used in it but the TULA ammo. I begins to choke around 400rds with this ammo. The firing pin gets stuck in the hole. I'm thinking it's because the hole may be getting fouled during firing by the lacquer coating around the primer. My other .45s have not had this problem. I've changed the FP spring. I've even shaved down the FP but no joy. I've checked the hole size against the FP from my other 1911 and have found the hole is too small for it. Some may say "don't use that ammo and that will solve the issue". I am looking to be able to use whatever ammo I have available. I can't afford "finicky" weapons.
I've spoken with a gunsmith in my area and he says he's not comfortable widening the pin hole.

Is it really that difficult?
I don't see that it could be.
Has anybody had this done?
I would figure it would make the pistol more reliable, of course remembering that more (widening of the pin hole) is not always better.

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