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It seems like most of us are considering marksmanship and other firearm training for police officers without also considering all the competing concerns about how a department spends its money and time. The time and money budgets for training of all kinds is a zero-sum game. Like most people on the forum I'd love to see better marksmanship, tactical and defensive training for my police officers; but if the choice is between increasing the training budget by $300,000 a year and having two more cops, I'm not sure the former is a slam dunk.

Likewise, police need legal, investigation and other training and these also cost money and time and affect how they perform their duties. We demand a lot of our police departments and I have huge respect and gratitude for those who keep the peace and enforce the law, and I can't say for sure that more time at the range is actually the best place for them to spend their money and time.

One thing my local gun club does is make its range available for police events and training. I'd love to see that kind of thing expanded, so we as firearms enthusiasts can help pay for and provide help to police departments and individual officers. It seems like booking noted experts to provide presentations, training and information to officers could be a way for the firearms community to put its money where its mouth is and help departments and officers increase their proficiency with their weapons.
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