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I had a home based FFL until last year, and now my brother is working on picking everything up with his FFL. You will have to search locally as to the zoning etc. I will put your questions in order below, with my answers...

1 Getting my FFL and doing it out of my home. I have a full time job and this would just be for extra cash.
That meets the basic requirement for an FFL, which is being actively engaged in business, basically "for profit." The ATF tends to not like people getting an FFL to enhance their personal collection only.

2 All I want to be able to do is be a transfer point for people needing an FFL dealer. I don't want to sell or stock inventory.
Being just a transfer point is fine. I will tell you that you will miss out on a few sales if you are unwilling to do special orders for them. Its really not much trouble at all. Most wholesalers have a website that you can order from, and pay with a debit/credit card, or you can save the fee if your credit is good enough to open an account with them.

3 What license should I apply for? (1 or 2).
You will be applying for an 01 DEALER IN FIREARMS OTHER THEN DESTRUCTIVE DEVICES. Or in other words, just the plain ole 01 FFL since you didnt mention you wanted to sell/transfer any NFA or DD. If want to do NFA stuff let me or others know and we can help advise you better.

4 Is it dangerous in any way to have people coming to your house for this type of stuff? (you know, people knowing where you live and dealing with weapons etc...)
It can be dangerous. Thugs if they want, can search online for various dealers, and decide to break in, etc. Or they may do that at random anyway without such info. In the past I had some strange random calls about, "Would I convert this/that" or "I cant pass the background, but I will pay extra" or "I need a gun now, no paperwork" or any other things...Had someone call wanting 20 AR lowers once as well. The 20 ar lowers was probably someone putting them up for future use, but it still spooked me, and I decided to turn down the sale. Basically, its about as dangerous as you want to make it. Any business is risky.

5 Does the weapon have to be shipped to the home business address, or can it be shipped to where I work?
The firearms MUST be shipped to the address that is on the license. Lately, the ATF is allowing business to place a seperate mailing address on the license as well, but the information is sketchy if the mailing address can be used to ship to as well. I would say it would not be legal to ship to the mailing address, but there again, I am conservative and dont take chances.

6 The reason I ask this is that no one is usually home during work hours but I am always at work to be able to receive the item.
You will have to work something out if this is going to work for you. I have known my UPS guy for years, and he would always call me when I had anything that he needed to deliver. I also had lunch for him sometimes too. Pays to be nice and work with each other.

7 Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
Doubtful I helped any, but I hope it points you in the correct direction.

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