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If you actually needed to draw your chamber empty pistol and in a hurry, it's hard to imagine doing something so important with your other hand that it wasn't available.
I can give three real life examples off the top of my head from past shootings that were discussed here:

1. Two men attack an Ohio CHL while he was gassing up his vehicle. His gun was in the center console of the car. He was forced to use one hand because he was using the other hand to keep them from pulling him out of the car and away from the gun.

2. CHL is carjacked in his apartment complex as he comes home from work. They tell him to give it up and then open fire striking him in the weak hand and stomach. He draws and returns fire killing one and wounding the other - doesn't even realize he has been shot until the adrenaline dies down.

3. CHL is visiting with friends outside apartment when man approaches with gun already drawn. He orders them into apartment. As CHL tries to covertly draw, man spots it and shoots him in the strong hand. CHL continues to fire with difficulty and is struck in other hand as well. Bad guy flees
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