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Well first of all, if Lanny is going to pretend to fall on his sword, feign responsibility and be Holder's living breathing get of jail free card - he should actually fall on his sword and resign.

Secondly, Breuer and Feinstein obviously rehearsed their little act where Feinstein says "Is it fair to assume that 70% of the firearms showing up in Mexico are from the United States." And Breuer says "Thank you for this question and your leadership on this issue. 94,000 weapons have been recovered in the last 5 years in Mexico, 64,000 are traced to the United States. We have to do something to prevent criminals from getting those guns senator." And Feinstein says "We have very lax laws when it comes to guns. [sic] Do you believe that if there were some form of registration when you purchase these firearms - that would make a difference?" And Breuer says "I do Senator."

He should be forced to resign for such bad acting and pretending that it wasn't all scripted and rehearsed.

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