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Not for street use but if you like to practice fast draw with a double-action revolver, it might be a good idea to leave the first chamber empty (the one the hammer falls on when pulling the trigger the first time) in case you, well, do something wrong. That's also a good reason to carry an automatic with the chamber empty, too. There always seems to be an undue emphasis, however, on a fast draw, as if you were in a walk-and-draw competition or something. True, you may be doing something with your other hand, or for that matter, with your gun hand, but at least it's always there. You have to allow for such things. If you actually needed to draw your chamber empty pistol and in a hurry, it's hard to imagine doing something so important with your other hand that it wasn't available.

Anyway, you reduce the number of rounds in your revolver and for some revolvers, that brings it down to four.
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