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I've fired the XDm .40 and the XD subcompact 9mm and the M&P .45

Best one to shoot in my opinion the M&P .45... since that caliber isn't one of your choices I will say that if the smaller caliber M&P's have the same grip and trigger pull and break then they have my vote.

M&P's are very reliable and that .45 was a dream. The only polymer .45 that shoots better IMO is my USP .45

But, if you don't go with the M&P then I would choose the XD. I'm not a big fan of either the XD or the XDm but the subcompact 9mm XD I was firing was a lot better than the full-size XDm that I tried...

Just my thoughts..

Goodluck bud!

P.S. plouffedaddy: thats a great picture
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