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Condition 3 and revolver precautions

There was a thread recently detailing how some poor guy had his gun taken from him and he was subsequently shot in whatever situation followed.

Now I realise the benefits of situational awareness, but no one is perfect.

By law, I have to carry my semi in condition 3 or less. Given that it is a Glock and I am relatively inexperienced with firearms, I find that easier to swallow than some "locked and cocked" endorsing members might.

I also once saw a film (and I know it is just a film) where there was a scene where a guy had his gun taken. The assailant fired: - click!, and in the surprise that followed was disarmed by the owner of the gun. The catchphrase after a brief pummeling was "never the first round for you!"

So my question to you is, is there more merit in condition 3 or even not loading the first fired chamber on your revolver in the context of a "someone's nabbed my piece!" scenario?
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