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XD vs. XDm vs. M&P

I am looking at getting a new pistol and really like the XD's and XDm's. I was looking at getting one in .40 S&W and then buying a barrel in .357 sig to essentially have two guns. I know the XD's come in both .357 sig and .40 S&W but the XDm's only come in .40 S&W as far as I can tell. I was wondering if it is still possible to get a .357 sig match barrel for the XDm. So if anybody has any experience with the XD's please comment.

My other option is a S&W M&P in .357 sig then buying a .40 S&W barrel, so if anyone has any input on the pros and cons of the M&P versus the XDs and XDms that would also be greatly appreciated.

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