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What would the score be like for the high power shooter if you took all those padded jackets,gloves using the magazine as a rest,sling or cradling rifle in palm of hand or their body as a rest for elbows.
Good Question: To come up with a good answer I ask that you check out the scores fired in NRA Light Rifle or CMP Sporting Rifle competition.

Jackets, gloves, slings, etc are not allowed. The rifle is still cradled in the palm of the hand.

The rifles you use are the same found in most of our closets. Typical light 22 hunting rifles.

Another good example is the CMP GSM Vintage rifle shooting. The CMP encourages shooters of vintage military rifles wear period gear. Field jackets, web gear, etc etc. If you watch many of these matches you'll see the same method being used.

I use to coach NG combat teams where they had to wear field gear during the matches. The position I descried worked there too.

I taught the same method in Sniper Schools too, both LE and military. Though offhand isn't encouraged in sniper activities, I believe its a valid tool that needs to be learned.
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