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Refers to Kurt Hoffman's blog about State Department arranged sales of AR15-class weapons to the Mexican government. About 19,000 in 2009 alone, of which State figures about 26% quickly went into criminal hands...that's over 4800 firearms in one year, twice and change what ATF accomplished throughout F+F.

Hillary doesn't know this? Calderon doesn't know this, and accuses "lax" US gun laws of being his problem? Hillary is either lying or negligent. Calderon has a huge "gun control" problem of his own that he is lying about.

This all makes it hard to buy into the 90% meme sold by Obama, Hillary and others, or that F+F was launched for any reason other than promoting gun control law "enhancements" in the US with the blood of Mexicans and others.

How low can they go?
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