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You go look at the pictures Tango posted.......what in the hell is natural about that? Then toss in the fact that you are standing on an un-level possibly slippery surface with maybe a tree on 2 throw in....................
It is natural, it works, field or range, it works. Once you get the ideal of the proper stance, its fast, faster then a lot of wierd field positions you see.

I use it in hunting, its fast. Really all you have to do is bring the rifle to your chess, thats it. One naturally stands with his feet a comfortable distance a part. All you have to do is bring the rifle up, you're almost laying it on your chest.

I teach a lot of High Power and CMP GSM clinics. Every now and then I get cops attending the clinic. They were taught the "tactical" or "field" method of semi crouching, extending their non shooting hand down the forearm, etc etc. That's the way they were taught in "cop school".

You can show someone better then you can tell them. So I simply let them fire a string offhand, "there way" then show them the position described above and have them fire a string "my way". Always, the second string is better.

LiKe I said, you can show some one easier then you can tell them. So I'll put out a standing offer, if anyone wants to come to my range, I'll work with them a couple hours and then I'll buy you lunch if your off hand scores are better your way then mine. This is not a bet, its I'll buy if I'm wrong, if I'm right, you'll learn a better method.

Cost you nothing to try it.
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