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I've been known to carry a walking stick on occasion,,,

Way back in time,,,
When dinosaurs ruled the earth,,,
I was an up and coming karate student.

Enter the Dragon had just came out,,,
We were all begging Mr. Chan to teach us to use "chucks".

His response was, "Why learn a weapon you can't carry?"

"Bummer" we all thought.

Instead he taught us lots of great techniques,,,
Using a simple walking stick/cane.

Interestingly enough when I left Korea and came back stateside,,,
I found what he had taught us was so very similar to LAPD baton techniques.

So if you can get used to carrying a walking stick,,,
They are a very capable weapon with very little training,,,
Besides, they be dashing and you too can stroll like Bat Masterson.

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