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gun accuracy

went out shooting, pietta 1860 2011 proof mark. 30 grains pyrodex p hornady .454 roundball. range 25-30 yards.

one cylinder only.

5 shots stayed in 8 inche circle. 1st sot was a flyer.
shot to point of aim. no need to aim a foot low like ive read online is necessary.

is this a freek of nature or just first time luck?

did get a cap jammed under the hammer, it just mashed on the frame without falling inside. a nother spent cap jammed the cylinder up when it got caught on the nipple and recoil shield. the cap ejector channel doesnt do anything.

canola oil isnt that good for arbor lubrication, but does a good job of making the whole gun smell like burned bbq chicken.

at that range the bullets stopped in about 6 inches of newspaper, dry. biggest deformed bullet was almost the same diameter at the OD of the muzzle. not bad really, but none of them seem to have impacted head on. almost looks like the minute they hit the target, the imperfections left by the rammer made them flip sideways.

the noise, god awful. 6 shots was all i could take, ears were horrid for a few hours. its like compressing 100 rounds of 22 mag into 6 shots.
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