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GA Tech and Campus Carry in Georgia

Georgia Tech is located in an area of Atlanta known as mid-town. The campus sort of separates a decent part of town from a not so decent part of town. The students themselves regrettably make easy targets for the thugs who populate the surrounding area. The students carry desirable items and tend not to be as observant as they should be. Over the last few years crime has become a very big issue on and around campus.

So, the students are having a rally calling for changes to the law to allow students to carry firearms on campus. Many students support this stating that permit holders who carry guns would reduce crime. Also, some students oppose this saying more guns means more violence even saying it could increase suicides.

As you know neither of these positions is really new. However, what caught my attention are some comments from David Kennedy of the Center for Crime Prevention at Jon Jay University in New York who states that both groups are wrong. He goes on to say that such a small percentage of people actually get permits that the chance of them intervening in a crime is very low. However, on the flipside he points out that people who do go through the process of getting a permit tend to be very responsible gun owners and much less likely to commit an act of violence.
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