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Oh my god...politicians who listen to what the people DC? Myan Dooms Day is upon us!

Seriously, a step in the right direction but they still have a long way to go.

I think the WT series on the simple insanity of DC gun laws has done a good job of exposing just how crazy it all is. The fact the reporter is a woman really puts things in prospective, a prospective as a man I would never think of. As a single man, meeting a stranger for firearms training possibly hours from my home would not be a big deal. As a single woman, I can totally see how that experience could be enough to keep many away from owning a firearm.

I still think that DC proper should have a real gun store and that one shouldn't be required to drive to another state to get the proper required training to legally own a gun in DC.

Also, I imagine the ballistic fingerprinting requirment they are doing away with is probably a result of an already overstressed police crime lab being even further stressed, but that is just wild speculation on my part. Would love if we have some DC area LEO's here who could shed light on that little part of the story.
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