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Ranch Dog Molds...

I know there are a few who have a 41 magnum. Well if you ever wanted a good looking RFN TL type heavy boolit for it here's your chance at a good deal on the whole kit and kaboodle. Thought I would pass this on while supplies last.

Found this posted on RD's homepage,

"Check out the “Specials” listed in the box on the left side of this page.

Ranch Dog is discontinuing these items to make room for his 2012 offerings. Not only is now the time to take advantage of the discount pricing but these items may not be offered again."

TLC411-255-RF with .411 Lube & Size Kit plus 41 Mag FCD
Save: 21% off

You can have it with or without the GC for a bit more or a combination of 3 each.

I have been wanting to get something like this so figured why not and picked up the whole kit. Since I have been playing with the Lee 300gr RF in my 45 Colt and 454 I have a whole new respect for the authority that these type boolits exhibit out to some pretty extended ranges.
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