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I use standard pressure ammo for practice. I mix in old carry ammo (+P in 9mm and sometimes .45) occasionally when I need to replace it. A little more recoil, but doesn't make any difference on the range. Hits are the same. Steel targets still go ding.

Blessed are those who actually run the generic termed "200 rds." (or more) of the ammo they intend to carry thru their guns. 200 X $35 a box = $350 for CorBon DPX. Doable with HST in reasonably priced 50 rd. boxes.

I put plenty rds. of different varieties thru my guns and a few mags. of carry ammo. If all goes without a hitch, I carry it.

While it doesn't take the place of actual shooting, hand cycling ammo thru the gun is a fairly good indicator of how well the gun likes it.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

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