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James K
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Our new handgun should be nothing less than a 155mm with a 200 round magazine and a 3" barrel with radar sights in a fast-draw holster!

Get real! The 9mm is here to stay. Even if the U.S. did go to a different caliber and replace all its handguns, NATO won't go along. Some forces may buy/issue something else, but the service pistol is going to remain the M9 and the ammunition will be th 9x19 for a good part, maybe all, of our lifetimes.

Also, there is a small matter of money. Neither we nor NATO has money to replace much of anything in the military line. Do you guys who hype this or that super weapons system think we should "borrow" (beg) MORE MONEY FROM CHINA to fund it? Or do you think we should have a 200% tax increase? Anyone who suggests either is smoking something, and it ain't tea.

Jim K
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