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I mostly shoot my own hand loads but I typically load them to a similar level to factory ammo
Same here, I have a handload for a LSWC that very closely emulates the FBI load (158 gr. LSWCHP +P) from my .38 specials. I don't shoot them very often, but do when I have an opportunity to engage in rapid-fire SD practice. 50 +P rounds from an airweight snubby in 40 degree temps gets painful pretty quickly, but they are quite fun from a K-frame snubby. The difference between a normal "public range pace" (no more than one shot every 2 seconds) and rapid fire (4-5 shots per second) is eye-opening, especially if you don't get to shoot rapid fire very often.

I can't tell the difference between my 115 grain fmj and my 115 grain hp
Don -

I they are referring to the difference between typical WWB FMJs and SD HP loads which might be +P or +P+. Quite a difference depending on the gun.

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