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Originally Posted by natman
I think there are some Federal exemptions for direct transfers from parent to child, but I'm not going to look them up because you've got a different set of issues because your daughter is in CA.

She'll have to have a CA handgun license.

I'm pretty sure you can't send in a handgun that isn't on the CA approved list.

And you'd have to send it to a CA FFL. Shop around, FFL fees in CA are steep.

You would probably be better off arranging to have a CA FFL order a gun that is on the CA list and having her pick it up there, saving you handgun shipping, which is expensive, and FFL fees.

Good luck.
There is no such thing as a California handgun license.

Parent to child transfers are exempt from the Handgun Safety Roster. Be sure that the receiving FFL knows that it is a parent to child gift.
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