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I am very new to shooting but I do enjoy going to the range and shooting very much. I don't think twice about putting 100+ rounds through my Glock 26 but today was the first time I shot Hollow Points.
I can notice the difference for sure between the FMJ and the HP and I was curious how often some of you shoot your self defense rounds?
I am skeptical of the quote and the reason why is, if both the practice ammo and SD ammo is of the same weight bullet how are you able to tell the difference between the 2. I can't tell the difference between my 115 grain fmj and my 115 grain hp. Strange
I tested a couple different brands of ammo this weekend from Federal,PMC, and TulAmmo in FMJ and Fed Hydra-Shok and Speer Gold Dot in HP. I could feel the difference between all three of the FMJ rounds I tried even though they were all 115gr. Some felt hotter, some smoked more.
It's all a learning experience.

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